Golf Caddies are for Ballers

As an avid golfer, it is somewhat surprising to myself that in over 25 years of golf I had never used a caddie.  Well, on a recent trip to Las Vegas that changed.  In this post I will share the story and talk about why having a caddie is truly an awesome way to play a round of golf.

I was on a business trip to Las Vegas recently and had the please of playing a truly breathtaking track, called Cascata.  Cascata is a pretty high-end course, and I was definitely amped up to play.  I was excited to play a great desert course like this, but also really excited about playing with a caddie.  Not a typical carry your bag as you walk caddie, these cats ride on the back of your cart and caddie for 2 golfers at a time.  It’s their way of keeping the pace of play up while providing all of the benefits of having a caddie on your bag.

The difference this made was amazing.  Everything from reading putts, helping to navigate the course, club selection, you name it they were there to help us make the most of our round.  In the past, I had always relied on “Old Trusty” (nickname for my awesome golf watch from Garmin) to help me navigate my way around the course and was always happy with the result, and still am actually.

The golf watch serves a great purpose but there is one thing that a caddie can do that a watch can’t, and that is to talk you through things.  A golf watch is great for giving you the data but it ends there.  What I learned during my round was that a good caddie will help you with decision making, which is something you don’t really think about on the fly.

Ultimately, a caddie is there to help you enjoy the round.  These folks operate in a tip driven business so it is in their best interest to help you relax and make the most out of your time on the course.

If you are playing with a caddie for the first time, just relax and have fun.  They are not there to judge you they are there to help make your round more enjoyable and to provide insight you would not otherwise have.  If you are feeling nervous about playing with a caddie check out these quick tips.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a round with a caddie, just remember, don’t be a douche bag like the guy in the video below:

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