Is the Poulan Pro Lawnmower a Good Option?

A well-tended lawn is very welcoming, and it is the envy of every visitor to your home. The grass is cooler than other surfaces especially during those hot summer months – your kids can play outside barefoot as you catch up on something.

But you need the best equipment to get the best service – it’s as simple as that. When it comes to lawnmowers, Poulan Pro is one brand that receives a considerable amount of mentions. But what’s the deal about it? Is it any better than the rest?  Read the full lawn mower reviews here to find out.

Why Choose the Poulan Pro Lawnmower?

Everyone wants a quality product and if they can get it at a favorable price, the better. You are apparently familiar with Husqvarna – they are among the leading manufacturers of motor-powered equipment. The good thing is that they also make lawnmowers and maintain the same commitment to quality as they do with other stuff.

Many people looking to purchase a good mower machine are often afraid of the servicing demands they may have. But the truth of the matter is, they are not hard to maintain. A good brand like Poulan Pro has all parts available. There is also a good network of service stations around the world.

Some of the Best Poulan Pro Lawnmowers

One of the best choices for homeowners is the 46-inch deck PP20VA46 model. The mower features pressurized lubrication for efficiency when operating on that steep slope- it pretty much doesn’t run out of oil. The ready start system and automatic CVT transmission make it feel as if you are operating a vehicle. But you don’t have to change gears to run and so anyone can operate it – some of us don’t like the hassle of manually adjusting gears.

Another highlight feature of PP20VA46 is the anti-scalp wheels on deck. This ensures the machine doesn’t cut too low and maintains the right evenness.

The PB301 is for those after a cost-efficient model. It is pretty much the only Poulan Pro that comes with mulching blades – talk of convenience. And just like other Poulan Pros, this model features a powerful 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine – you don’t need to worry about the hill in your backyard since PB301 has got your back.

The PP24VH54 has one of the most extensive decks the company has to offer – a generous 54 inches. This model makes cutting grass on your three-acre land a breeze. You know how it is, the larger the deck, the bigger the area it covers at a go. And not to mention the competitive pricing, PP24VH54 features a hydrostatic transmission making operation easy.

It throws the cuttings as far as four feet ensuring you don’t encounter problems as you move along. You have the option of installing the mulching kit and the triple bag bagger for added convenience. The only shortcoming you may notice is the wheel size. In fact, it would have been appropriate if the machine had bigger wheels to accommodate the extra-large cutting deck.